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decka Quality socks by BRÚ NA BÓINNE

Heavyweight Dyed Socks

Heavyweight Dyed Socks

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decka® Quality socks by BRÚ NA BÓINNE

deckaのシグネチャープロダクトである、Heavyweight Socksをタイダイに染めた。


Dyed the signature product of decka, the Heavyweight Socks, with tie-dye.

<Important Notes>
・Due to the color display of the monitor, the actual product may differ in appearance.
・Please understand that due to the characteristics of this product being knitted on an old-style knitting machine, there may be instances where yarn ends protrude from the beginning or end of the knit.


Size. 1 [ Foot | Leg ]

21.5-24.0cm | 26.0cm 
8.4-9.2inch | 10.2inch

Size. 2 [ Foot | Leg ]

25.0-27.0cm | 26.0cm
9.8-10.6inch | 10.2inch


95% Cotton, 4% Polyester, 1% Polyurethane

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