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ORDINARY FITS M.A.P. × decka Quality socks

Recycled Wool Socks

Recycled Wool Socks

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ORDINARY FITS "M.A.P" × decka® Quality socks

リサイクルウールから作られた糸で編立てた。 リサイクル素材特有のネップや色合いの不均一感が特徴的な靴下に仕上げた。


Socks knitted with yarn made from recycled wool. These socks have a unique, irregular appearance with uneven neps and hues characteristic of recycled materials.

<Important Notes>
・Due to the color display of the monitor, the actual product may differ in appearance.
・Please be aware that due to the nature of the knitting machines used, there may be yarn ends protruding from the beginning or end of the knit in this product.
・Wool products are superior in functionality compared to cotton socks, but are slightly less durable. We have selected and used a type of yarn that is resistant to shrinking and can be washed using general laundry methods. However, for those who cannot tolerate any shrinkage, please wash by hand.


Size. 1 [ Foot | Leg ]

21.5-24.5cm | 25.0cm 
8.4-9.6inch | 9.8inch

Size. 2 [ Foot | Leg ]

25.0-28.0cm | 27.0cm
9.8-11.0inch | 10.6inch


52% Wool, 17% Nylon, 17% Rayon, 9% Cotton, 4% Polyester, 1% Polyurethane

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